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graphic design is really nice and it works solid
the music was not really anything special
but the level design in the demo is really bad dizzy had some bizarre combinations but it never hide anything from the player like the chest with diamond or the planks are not different enough from the BG i used the saw on tree and some planks below but not the right ones so i watch the walk threw instead
and not really fan of almost pixel perfect platforming

but yea if the puzzles in the full versions are like in demo then it is not for me


>Game made with Dizzyga V2.5b engine.

Where I can read about this game engine?

I'm interested as well, although I'll probably stick to Unity.


You can learn about engine here: Dizzyage home

But, must warn you, this engine is Windows only. And of all adapted to create Dizzy-like quest platformers.
Also last public version was v2.4 (in 2010)

Version 2.5 is a few improvements and fixes that I've made myself and it's not yet available for public use.

>this engine is Windows only

I'm very sad. :( I hoped Linux available. Anyway, good luck with the game.

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All DizzyAge games work flawflessly in Wine.